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School Expectations, Policies, and Procedures

School Expectations, Policies, and Procedures

The move to 1:1 devices that students use both in and outside of school likely necessitates updates to district and school policies and procedures. Prior to students receiving devices, students and parents should have time to review the district’s expectations, policies, and procedures, as well as a forum to ask questions.

District user agreements that teachers sign when allocated a district device, and that students and parents/caregivers sign when receiving a device, should outline the following:

  • Expectations around the purpose and use of the device. For example, the device is being provided to support teaching and learning, and is the property of the district. At the time the teacher or student leaves the school, the property should be returned.
  • Policies and procedures around the care and maintenance of the device and any accessories. The agreement may outline how the device should be carried and stored when not in use (e.g., Chromebooks should be closed when not in use, iPads should not be jammed into backpacks). The agreement may also specify that devices must stay in district-provided cases, and that if chargers or other accessories are lost, which replacements are acceptable.
  • Policies around digital responsibility. Internet safety, cyber-bullying and digital citizenship all fall under the umbrella of being responsible for one’s digital footprint. Required participation in district curriculum and agreement to expectations should be outlined in the agreement.
  • Consent of parents/caregivers. For students under the age of 18, parents or caregivers should review and sign the agreement, as well as students. Be mindful to build time for translation of any agreements to be signed and for adults and students to ask questions.

Lastly, ensure that the expectations, policies, and procedures are easily available for adults and students to refer back to at any time.

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