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Verizon Innovative Learning Schools goes beyond devices. It helps participating schools and districts spark a teaching and learning transformation.

We provide students with devices and always available access. Teachers receive robust professional development and coaching to cultivate powerful learning that extends beyond the classroom. And education leaders benefit from the infrastructure, expert guidance, and learning community to design and implement sustainable approaches to digital equity.

Ready to supercharge your digital equity work?

students in Verizon Innovative Learning labHow It Works

We collaborate with middle and high schools across the country to provide devices, data plans, and training to support transformative teaching and limitless learning. Learn more.

Who can apply for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools?

We are always looking to partner with new districts where Verizon Innovative Learning Schools can support digital equity and learning. Interested public school districts or public charter networks in the U.S. with at least two qualifying schools may apply.

To qualify, schools must:

  • Serve middle and/or high school students
  • Have a free and reduced price lunch participation rate of 65%+ or participate in the Community Eligibility Provision

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools IT Supports

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Professional Learning Supports

Spark opportunity and innovation!

Together we can provide students with the technology and skills needed to experience powerful learning and succeed in a digital world.

Program Requirements

Application Timeline

March-July 2024

Interest Form
If your school or district is eligible for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program, start your application process by filling out this short interest form. A member of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team will reach out to you to schedule your district kickoff call.

March-August 2024

District Kickoff Call
A 30-45 minute call with a member of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team and applicant district leaders to learn more about the program, eligibility criteria, and the application process. The Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team member will ask questions about your district’s systems and culture. Time will also be set aside for applicant district leaders to ask any questions.

May-September 2024

Written Application
A two-part written application completed by district and school leaders that allows for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team to learn more about systems, culture, and leadership personnel on the application.

August-October 2024

Principal Interviews
1:1 interviews with all principals of schools on the application to be facilitated by a member of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team. Principals will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the program. In some cases, the principal interviews may take place on-site, during the School Site Visits.

September-October 2024

School Site Visits
Members of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team will visit each school on the application to observe instruction; chat with teachers, students, and leadership; and learn more about the IT and professional learning infrastructure. Each site visit will take approximately two (2) hours.

October 2024

District Leader Interviews
The final step of the application process where members of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools team get clarity from district leaders on any items that came up during principal interviews or site visits.

Mid-November 2024

Notifications of Final Decisions

Note: This timeline is an estimate of the process for a typical district. Some dates may change depending on the applicant pool and special circumstances. Reach out to Sara Meierding at if you have questions about the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the coaching stipend?

How much is the school IT stipend?

When does the program begin?

When does the program end? Is there a chance to extend?

What devices will my district receive?

Are devices covered under warranty?

What provisions are in place to protect the 1:1 devices?

Are cases, keyboards, and other accessories provided?

How much data is included with the data plan?

What happens if teachers or students exceed their monthly data plan?

What if enrollment increases?

Do devices travel with students to high school?

Are the devices pre-filtered? Is a specific internet filter or MDM required?

What is found in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

May I speak with a leader from a prior cohort to learn about the program from their perspective?

If you have questions regarding your district’s eligibility, email

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