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All districts participating in the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program will be asked to engage in research through Digital Promise. In this study, researchers will examine how the program is working; ways to improve implementation; and impacts on teaching and learning, professional culture, technological proficiency, and access to STEM opportunities.

What are the research requirements? Any district accepted into Verizon Innovative Learning schools Cohort 11 will participate in Digital Promise’s research for two consecutive school years (2024-25 and 2025-26). If a district is selected for a two-year extension of the program, participation in research during that time is required, as well. Every teacher, Coach, and school leader will complete 2-3 15-minute surveys per school year.

Are there opportunities for deeper impact? Interested schools can request to be a Case Study School. Case Study Schools complete the requirements outlined above, as well as teacher and student interviews and focus groups (1-2 per year), coach and leader interviews (2 per year), a five-minute student survey (1 per year); and an annual 1-2 day site visit by a researcher. These case study activities will occur over two school years (2024-25 and 2025-26).

How will this research be used and how will schools benefit? The findings of the research will be shared 1) with the participating schools and districts to make improvements in the program implementation, and 2) with the field in the form of conference presentations and research publications. All research findings will be reported in the aggregate to protect the confidentiality of every participant.

Case Study Schools will receive an individual report at the end of each year with specific feedback from researchers on how to improve the program and technology use in their classrooms.

Questions? Please contact Hillary Greene Nolan at with any questions about research or the Case Study School opportunity!

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