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Pathways Middle School, West Ada School District, Meridian, Idaho

A Message from the Principal, Eric Eschen:

Pathways Middle School is an alternative school designed for students who struggle in the larger traditional schools. Students choose our smaller environment for various reasons ranging from academic struggles to social/emotional issues. The mission of our school is to Connect and Build on Success. This means our staff makes individual connections with each student and then continually looks for ways to help our students grow both emotionally and academically. This connection also extends to the students as they connect with their education and experience the pride that comes with real success.

We are very excited about the partnership with Digital Promise and Verizon and how we can integrate the technology to fit our school goals. This year we are focusing on Formative Assessments and the tablets are proving to be an integral part of helping us gather information on what the students are learning and making real-time adjustments to how we are teaching. We are truly able to do more than we were able to before with this instant feedback. We are also having students interact with the material in new and engaging ways that again fit into our model of focusing on personal growth. This is only our first year with the tablets, and we are thrilled by the potential of year two. We’re just getting started on the journey!


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