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Bearden Middle School, Knox County Schools, Knoxville, Tennessee

A Message from the Principal, Sonya Winstead:

At Bearden Middle School, a multitude of exceptional initiatives are combining to make special things happen–things that are not happening anywhere else in Knox County. Bearden Middle is embracing a variety of innovations that are each improving the quality of education for students every day.

In addition to becoming Knox County’s only middle school to be a part of the International Baccalaureate global community, Bearden Middle was also chosen as a Digital Promise Verizon Innovative Learning School in 2015. Bearden Middle School students are learning in new and innovative ways and are embracing technology as an integral learning tool every day. Students at Bearden Middle are being encouraged to embrace technology as a daily tool for learning. In the 2016-17 school year, Bearden will begin offering a course specifically focused on STEM coding. They are truly educating and training their students for jobs that don’t even exist yet!

As one of the most diverse middle schools in Knox County, Bearden Middle provides a rich learning environment for all students. With 23 different languages being spoken at Bearden Middle, students are exposed to a beautiful melting pot that is truly representative of our world and surrounding communities. Not only are students a part of a cultivation of excellence that stems from the innovative and collaborative culture of the school as a whole, but they are also witness to the strong collaborative relationships between their school and their surrounding community.

All of the wonderful initiatives at Bearden Middle are in place to provide a second-to-none educational bridge from elementary to high school for students. If you pull the State report card for Bearden Middle, you’ll see that Bearden has orchestrated a beautiful educational symphony that gets results. The culture and the support system provided to students at Bearden Middle are clearly resulting in exemplary student growth and engagement.


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