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Our Goal

Our Goal

Digital Promise and Verizon Innovative Learning Schools have partnered to work with twenty-one American middle schools to close the Digital Learning Gap. Doing so requires solving three key challenges: ubiquitous access, improved ability to participate, and powerful use of technology to help solve complex problems.

  • Access: Verizon has provided the tablets and data plaScreen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.51.06 PMns, the districts have provided the infrastructure, and Digital Promise has helped with planning and implementation. Today, all students and teachers in these schools have always-available access to digital learning tools.
  • Participation: With funding and support from Verizon, Digital Promise works with the schools on enhancing the digital literacy of students and teachers, including research skills, using technology to create and publish, and digital responsibility.
  • Powerful Use: Digital Promise works with coaches and teachers at each of the schools, supporting professional learning designed to help teachers motivate and personalize learning for students and engage them with complex and relevant challenge projects.

Additionally, Digital Promise is working with each school to document the process, resulting in compelling stories of victories and lessons learned and an online guidebook that will help inform others’ journey to close the digital learning gap.

Read messages from Karen Cator, CEO and President of Digital Promise, and Rose Kirk, President of the Verizon Foundation here.

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