A Message from the Principal, Eric Chagala:

At the Vista Innovation & Design Academy (VIDA), we had the opportunity to design a school that we would want our own kids to attend. We are doing this every day, and a major partner in re-imagining the hope and paradigm of education has been through our partnership with Digital Promise as a Verizon Innovative Learning School (VILS). Through this project, learning is no longer contained to a box with four walls and a 7.5 hour timeframe. Rather, with the devices and LTE connections provided by the VILS program, learning is fluid, dynamic, and has no “box.” Through the Google Apps for Education suite, our students are connected to their teachers, to their peers, to community resources and learning experiences all day, every day. With the connectivity provided by Verizon, the playing field of access has been flattened for all students. It no longer depends on how much money a family has or where they live – all of our students are blessed with the needed access to the internet to be #FutureReady.


Stories From Our School