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Create connections between your class and other subjects.

Are you helping your students connect the dots between the content in your class and their other classes?

Try this in your classroom!

Sit down with a teacher from another department and make the commitment to design a thematic unit that would cover both content standards from each subject. Think creatively; recycling your current lesson plans might not cut it! If you get stuck, sit down with a coworker who is really good at backwards design.

Featured Story

Students in Mrs. Temkin’s drama class at Chute Middle School are working on adapting their own versions of a screenplay. They’re leveraging tablets to easily collaborate in groups through edits in shared documents. In Mr. Hunter’s music class, students are working on original music and rhythm to add to the adaptation. The students are able to use apps on their tablets to both edit and change the text of their screenplays and to arrange music for their project. This technology helped students connect two different classes through one project.

Produced by Stan Shannon, Storyteller at Chute Middle School


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