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A Letter from Hans Vestberg

Dear Verizon Innovative Learning Educators,

Only a few months ago, we welcomed a new decade and started the year like any other. Now, we are facing our greatest test yet on a global scale. When I see what teachers have done, it’s like watching a master class on how to respond to a crisis. You adapted faster than anyone else and proved that a classroom is more than a physical space – it’s a community – and you don’t need four walls to stay connected and engaged with your students.

As we recognize Teacher Appreciation Week, I felt compelled to reach out and share my deepest gratitude as the role of a teacher has never been more important. If the most valuable investment we have is educated minds, then our greatest asset is teachers. You are shaping tomorrow’s innovators so they can solve the challenges we are facing today.

Right now, sitting in your virtual classroom is potentially the next scientist who will protect us from future pandemics. Their ideas will come to life because you were the spark that ignited their passion for learning. Every great discovery can be traced back to someone’s teacher or mentor who pushed them to succeed and challenge the status quo. As long as students have someone to believe in them, they will never have to scale down the size of their ambitions or anchor their dreams.

We created the Verizon Innovative Learning program to bridge the digital divide and transform the learning experience. Simply looking at the world right now, we need as many brilliant minds to have the tools and confidence to contribute to society, especially in the growing STEM fields. And it starts with you, our frontline to building the future.

While today marks the start of Teacher Appreciation Week, please know we honor your contributions each and every day, and we are grateful to have you as an integral part of our community.

On behalf of Verizon, thank you – and teachers everywhere – for building a brighter future by caring for our students.

Hans Vestberg
Chairman & CEO, Verizon

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