A Message from the Principal, Chris Shearer:

Holcomb Bridge Middle School is the most diverse middle school in Fulton County, Georgia. With that diversity come challenges and opportunities. To face those challenges and capitalize on the opportunities, our goal is to move the needle for every student in the building. A tall order, but worthy. During the coming school year, we will shift the instructional paradigm in the building through project-based learning and a more personalized learning environment within each classroom. The partnership we have entered as a Verizon Innovative Learning School directed by Digital Promise supports this shift perfectly at an opportune time. The unfettered access to technology this partnership grants is a phenomenal gift for our community and will help to move the needle for every student as they gain greater ownership of their learning. Will it be a perfect journey? No. There will be countless twists and turns. As the leader of the building, I relish the messy, but fun, journey ahead.


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